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Best Food To Prevent Abdominal Cramps

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Best Food To Prevent Abdominal Cramps

No one likes having to deal with abdominal cramps but thankfully there are a few different foods that can help prevent any of the pain or discomfort you might feel. During any periods of cramping you’ll want to avoid any heavy, fatty, and greasy foods and stick to these more basic and healthier foods for the best results.


Bananas are great sources of energy and are full of fiber that can help any digestion or cramping problems you’re experiencing. They’re super easy to digest and the high amount of pectin in bananas is a natural pain reliever and digestion aid. If you feels cramps coming on or you’re already in pain simply eat a banana or two and you should feel some relief after a few hours.


Papayas are full of healthy nutrients and vitamins that help with digestion, constipation, and can relieve any abdominal cramping. They’re full of enzymes that can help soothe your cramps and encourage a healthier environment in your stomach and intestines. Similar to bananas, eating a papaya is a great way to feel better if you’re suffering from any cramps or stomach pain.


If you’ve ever been sick your mother has probably told you to drink some ginger ale. She wasn’t just being silly, ginger actually has many benefits for your health. Not only will it help with nausea but it will encourage your digestive tract to work much more efficiently which can help with any abdominal cramps you might be experiencing. Simply cut up some ginger and add it to some warm water or tea and before you know it your cramps will have gone away.