How to very quickly make body butter?

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By now many of you know that I like to make easy recipes for busy people.

I don’t see why if you don’t have much time of your hands you shouldn’t take advantage of organic and cheap home made recipes just because some are a little too elaborated.

I don’t have much time myself and I’m a very practical person.
So here’s a quick recipe that will help you in making a silky body butter that will last you for some time.

Here’s what you need:
40 gr of beeswax
40 gr of coconut oil
120ml of olive oil
100% pure essential oil (I like ylang ylang). You chose how much essential oil you would like to add.

Mix all the ingredients in a jar or bowl and melt them using the bain-marie technique.
Place the jar with the ingredients in a pan with water and put it on the hob at low heat. As the water is starting to heat up, the ingredients in the jar are melting progressively. Stir them every so often.
Once everything is melted pour the liquid in your chosen container to keep the butter and let it cool down.